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Welcome to San Juan Christian Home Educators,

We're glad you're interested in joining our community. Our efforts within the community are based out of respect and work toward the end of encouraging each other. We hope this website will provide informative resources for you in your work at home and offer a connection to the wider community.

Ultimately, we are planting eternal seeds in our families and exalting the Lord who gives all good things.

San Juan Home Educators has provided the links below as a service and does not take responsibility for any of the

service and or actions that may be taken by any of the business or institutions below.

With hundreds of options to use for the educating of our children, we have compiled a list of “reputable” companies providing curriculum resources.  This list is in no way complete but enlists common curricula used amongst our current members.
A Beka
A.C.E. Curriculum Program
All About Reading/All About Spelling
Alpha Omega Institute
Bob Jones University Press, BJU Press
Cathy Duffy Homeschool Reviews
Institute for Excellence In Writing, IEW
Rainbow Resource Center
Teaching Textbooks
Enrichment consists of the many things that students choose to do beyond their academic pursuits and the normal requirements.  The options listed below are local.
Dr Dan Science
Montrose Community Bible Study
The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association
Home School Legal Services & Colorado Law Resources
Resources and services aiding to defend the parental rights of Christian home-educating families.
Christian Home Educators of Colorado
Heritage Defense
Home School Legal Defense Association
Parental Rights
Homeschool Testing Services
These are services/companies that help meet the requirements of testing under Colorado law.
Homeschool Testing Services
Seton Testing Services
Beyond High School & Higher Education Recommendations
Liberty University
Patrick Henry College
AME Program
Hillsdale College
Helpful Organizations & Websites
Delta County Homeschooler's Facebook Group
GV Curriculum/homeschool Corner's Facebook Group
Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace's Facebook Group
Montrose Homeschool Corner Facebook
Montrose - Olathe - Delta Homeschooler's Facebook
National Christian Foundation
Spice Grand Junction Home School
Colorado Heritage Educational School System (CHESS)

Front Range Christian School

West River Academy

HomeLife Academy

Umbrella (Independent) Schools

What are Umbrella Schools?

Colorado law allows parents to homeschool under the option of an independent school. This allows families to bypass the requirement to send a notice of intent to the school district. Umbrella (or independent) schools offer off-campus enrollment, and may provide a variety of support services (testing, counseling, record-keeping, diplomas, etc.). Students enrolled in an umbrella school must meet the requirements of the particular school in which they are enrolled.

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