"We are a group of Christian homeschool families who have come together to form a community in which our children can grow both educationally and spiritually. Our goal is to teach our children to live a life instilled in Christ where every aspect of their lives is rooted in Him. From their school work to playing sports, we want our children to learn to do everything for the Glory of God."



We exist to ENCOURAGE parents in their homeschool journey by:

INFORMING parents of pertinent homeschool legal issues, homeschool current events, seminars or conferences;

INVESTING in families by providing an atmosphere for exchange of teaching techniques, curriculum information, volunteer-led group activities such as: family and high school socials, educational field trips, sports, and senior graduation; 

EXALTING the Lord Jesus Christ as we represent His Name in our homes and in the community.

If you would like to join SJCHE, fill out our membership form and submit it along with our $25 yearly membership fee due each year by July 31st. Renewing families will need to pay a $10 late fee if they register after July 31st. Once we have received confirmation of your membership, we will send you an email with more information.